Get to know the Android tips tricks:

In fact, making a dozen changes to the security settings of an iOS device is not very difficult. But, what happens when you want to set up an Android phone? The main problem with this platform is the large number of versions that this operating system has. Its open and flexible nature -which has led to its leadership in the global mobile market-, is also a serious problem of fragmentation. If you are looking for the Android Tips Tricks then you find many of the worthy Android Tips Tricks here.

Android Tips Tricks:

Reduce transitions:

To make your smartphone go faster and lighter, what you’ll have to do is reduce the time that passes from executing one action to another. For example, move from one sale to another of the browser.

To do this you must go to Settings> Phone information (the last option that appears)> And press repeatedly on the “Compilation number”. With this, we will be able to activate the development options that we will find going backward in the main Settings screen. Let’s enter them and in the “Drawing” option we will find the scales that will allow us to increase the speed of the transitions.

  1. Hidden menu:

By executing a command or series of numbers or symbols on our device we can access all the information, such as usage statistics, IMEI, the network, type of network, signal strength or information about your WiFi, among others. Go directly to the call icon and dial the following code: * # * # 4636 # * # * and then press the call key. There you will see all the possibilities.

  1. Use WPS:

While it is not exactly a trick, rather an extra functionality of Android, I find it very useful and necessary to avoid having to write the endless list of symbols of our router. So only by pressing two buttons, you will have the WiFi connection on your smartphone. To do this, click on your phone’s WiFi> More options> Advanced settings (in the three points of the upper right margin)> WPS button Then, also click on the WPS button of your router. And ready!

  1. Offline maps:

When you go on a trip to another country and you do not have a permanent internet connection, it may be very useful for you to download the map of the place you are going to visit so that later you can move around that map without the need of a network. To do this, open Google Maps. In the upper left margin, you will find three horizontal stripes to open the options and click on “Maps without connection”. Select the map that interests you

  1. Share the internet:

When you do not have internet on your mobile but you see that all your friends do have it, you can ask them to share it with you. To do this, in one of your friends’ smartphones, go to Settings> More> Share internet and WiFi zone> Configure Wifi access point (defining a network name and password) and once done this and click on “Create WiFi hotspot”.

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