Lumbar pillow – A multipurpose pillow for your aching back

Have you ever experienced an intolerable pain after a hectic day at office or by traveling for a long period of time? This is mainly due to the uncomfortable cushion of the office chair or car seat. Most chairs and seats are manufactured for reducing these pains. But due to prolonged activity such as sitting in the same place for a longer period of time for working or traveling can cause damage to your spine and pelvic bones. In order to help you prevent this pain, a special type of pillow called lumbar pillow is available in the market.

What is a lumbar pillow?

A lumbar pillow is a type of pillow specially designed for holding your back. It reduces the pressure on the spine that is built up during sitting. Sitting for a long time like during traveling in a car or in an airplane can cause the spine muscles to cramp and produce pain. The pillow’s shape helps in resting the spine along the curve to offer support, thereby reducing the tension or pressure creation.

Features of a lumbar pillow

Make sure you find the following features while buying a lumbar pillow.

  • Comfort: It is important to check that your pillow gives you comfort and not pain. Some low-quality lumbar pillows are rock-like hard and even make the situation worse.
  • Memory foam material: If your pillow is made of memory foam, then you can definitely go for it. It helps you in relieving cramps, muscle aches, arthritis, stenosis, and other sore pains.
  • User-friendly: Some pillows are long and cannot be used while we travel. But lumbar pillows are designed user-friendly. They can be mounted easily on the office chairs, seats of cars, buses, and airplane, and other chairs.
  • Adjustable straps: The lumbar pillows are provided with two straps that can be adjusted on any seat and on any position. If you want to rest on your head, shoulders, back or hip, you can use these straps to mount on the seats easily.
  • Cover: The lumbar pillows are provided with breathable covers so that air flow happens inside and keeps your back cool.

You can visit online sites to check for lumbar price range, color, texture, and material used. It is recommended to research properly on all the sites to get the lumbar pillows prices at best deals and have a healthy spine.

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