Auspicious Juniper Hill Condo

Juniper Hill Condo is a freehold growth situated directly in the heart of Bukit Timah by properties of Allgree. The growth of this former Crystal Tower Enlace which is prosperous sold to properties of Allgree at some reasonable rate for the plot of land. There was entire of twelve bids for this hill location that indicate progress is having interest in small size developments in the region of the core city center which offers investment in homes which is freehold for the well-traveled investors.

This area is located at Ewe Boon Road that is a deluxe residential enclave which is a shelter in the Stevens Road, Newton Road and Bukit Timah Road at this locate ion. The progprogresses are very close from Stevens MRT station. Juniper Hill Condo also situated neatly to several academic institutions and also there some shopping centers on in the Bukit Timah location also at the Newton area.

Allgreen Properties

The former Crystal Tower Enbloc previously contains twenty-eight apartments units which sit on a tome sixty thousand four hundred eighty-two square feet land of freehold in the Ewe Boon Road area. There is some maximum number of plots installed in the land at Juniper Hill that is controlled at one hundred and thirty units because of the condition of traffic within the same area. This hill has full and different facilities that involve a clubhouse, guard house, function room, tennis court, indoor gym, fifty-meter swimming pool, BBQ pits, sun deck, children’s playground, and many other things. The facilities provided by the condo’s for the entertainment of full family as per need and some loved ones also.

These hills located on a luxury piece of freehold land that shows an investment timely for the properties of Allgreen who is seeking to refill its banks land. Many of the launches lately are ninety-nine years leased development and these progressors of freehold will show an opportunity for the purchasers who all are seeking for a freehold land which is located in the area of Bukit Timah.  This location is just a few minutes far away with the walking distance from the station of Stevens MRT. The reality is that this hill is located near to the next future station of MRT interchange that means that there is opposite potential for the progresses surrounding of the area that has to be reflected. This hill is directly situated with several shopping centers.


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