Get your Lifeguard certificate after the best training

Lifeguard training is very important in the United States and is considered the most prestigious to get a trained certificate. It is also considered important to get hired as a Red Cross Lifeguard in the future. The lifeguard certificate is provided to an individual when he completes the three important training like first aid, CPR and AED. Pool operation is also covered in this training. The total duration for the complete training ranges from 25 to 30 hours depending on the institute. There are two types of certifications depends on training given on shallow waters or deep waters.

Features of lifeguard training

There are different types of training given to participants who wish to get a lifeguard certificate. Following are the training and skills offered in this training

  • Rescue skills: Various rescue skills can be learned during lifeguard training. The rescue skills include slide-in entry, simple assist, stride jumps, compact jumps, Rescue approach front crawl, rescue approach breaststroke, swimming extension, throwing assist, reaching assist with equipment, feet-first surface dive, and so on. In order to get a lifeguard certificate, the individuals should get trained in all these skills.
  • CPR and AED professional rescuer skills: CPR is nothing but Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation that helps in providing artificial ventilation by repeated compressions on the chest. This training is also done in lifeguard training.
  • First aid skills: If an injury happens to the lifeguard, he must be able to provide the basic first aid. Hence this is a separate course in Lifeguard training and plays an important role in getting lifeguard certificate. The first aid skills include a response that is safe to an emergency situation, injury care like cuts and burns, sprains and strains, sudden illnesses like poisoning, bites, or stings, and caring at the time of heat and cold weather conditions.
  • Other scenarios: The other scenarios like drowning inside shallow waters and deep waters, and other emergency situations are done as a play and steps to overcome are taught by the professionals.

You can search the places where lifeguard training will be offered. The lifeguard certificate must be approved by the government and hence it is very important to choose the recognized institute. Employment opportunities are offered for the people who have completed their training and got the certificate. Grab your seat, train better, get a lifeguard certificate, get the respective job and make your career path successful.


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