Choosing The Right Kind Of Cushion When You Have Sciatica Cushion

The burning sensation and pain that is accompanied by sciatica in the lower torso all the way down to the legs are simply torture you can’t bear when you are sleeping. Well then, how to get the proper nighttime sleep that you so desire?

To find a sciatica cushion that translates to a restful sleep at night is something that you need the most.

Here are some things you should look for in a cushion to buy:

Sleep on a firm bed

Most sciatica patients agree that sleeping on a firm mattress is the best choice for their back. It is optimal for support and spine health.

You could also use two wedge cushions to make a recline for your back for maximum support. It hoists your back up and at the same time maintaining elevation for your legs. Your lumbar spine is relieved off the excess pressure in the nerves, enabling a comfortable sleep.

Use two fat pillows for your back and one or two flat cushions should be under your knees for maximum comfort. This is a nice alternative if a wedge cushion seems too expensive or space-hogging for you.

Don’t fall off the bed

You can roll down to the sides and off the bed if you don’t place a cushion there. Many sciatica sufferers testify to the fact that sleeping on their side intensifies their pain. If you do the same for both sides, you will be limited in your movement which is helpful to not cause pain.

What to do if you like sleeping on your side

There are people out there who just can’t resist sleeping on their side. You might be one of them. There is hope for you too even if you have sciatica. You should buy a contoured cushion, so shaped that it can be comfortably placed in between your knees for maximum comfort, support, and snugness. It helps to keep you aligned while you get a restful sleep.

Try not to sleep on your stomach as it is the least comfortable position for people with sciatica. Try to buy a cushion that is sturdy enough to support your fragile back yet soft enough to let you enjoy a comfortable descent into sleep.

Just follow these tips to buy the best cushion, pillows, and mattresses for yourself and sleep in the prescribed position to get into your comfort zone.






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