body armour uk- a must buy!

The body armour is a secondary resource for the life of the player. It provides protection against enemy fire and is often seen near or on health packs in enemy camps. The priority for body armour is to save the user’s life against threats from the battlefield, from shots to blunt force trauma in the case of an improvised detonation of an explosive device. ¬†A bulletproof vest is a protective garment that absorbs the impact of bullets fired at the torso and splinters from explosions.

The UK body armour is made of several layers of laminated fibers or synthetic fabric and protect the person using it from projectiles fired by firearms and the shrapnel of some explosive devices such as hand grenades. When metal or ceramic plates are added to a bulletproof vest, it can also protect the user from projectiles fired by a rifle. In combination with metal parts or layers of extremely dense fabrics, the bulletproof vest offers the user some protection against a knife attack. They protect to a certain extent, but they are not impenetrable due to the great variety of calibers of the firearms. Bulletproof vests are commonly used by police, private security guards and civilians, while vests with reinforced components are carried in combat by soldiers from various nations, as well as special police units.

Modern body armour can combine a bulletproof vest with other protective garments, such as a helmet. Bulletproof vests for police and soldiers can also include inguinal protections, shoulder pads, collar and side fenders. Bulletproof vests use layers of tough fiber to capture and deform the bullet, spreading its force over a large surface of the vest. The body armour absorbs the energy of the deformable projectile, stopping it before the vest completely penetrates. Some layers can be penetrated but, as the bullet deforms, the energy is absorbed by a growing surface.

Although the vest can prevent penetration of the bullet, both the vest and the person using it absorb the energy of the projectile. Even without penetration, modern pistol bullets contain enough energy to cause traumain the impact zone. Bulletproof vests offer little protection against knives, arrows or non-deformable bullets; the force of the impact of these objects is concentrated in a relatively small area, so it can penetrate the layers of the vest.  Vests can include layers of metal (such as steel or titanium), ceramic or polyethylene that provides extra protection to vital areas. These additional layers are effective against all guns and against some rifles.

These aggregates are common in military vests, since normal vests are not effective against military ammunition. The body armour often use special vests designed specifically for knives and sharp objects, including layers of dense synthetic fabrics and synthetic fabrics or laminated metal components. It is a part composed of two plates of wax-reinforced metal which gives you a one-year guarantee if it expires the cale is renewed with a 9mm bullet impact and a semi-machine-gun beretta.